My Pinterest Adventures

31 Projects in 31 Days

Day 1 – Bubble Up Enchiladas

on October 1, 2012

First and foremost, you are probably wondering why. Why accept the challenge of doing 31 Pinterest projects in 31 days? Easy. Because I’m a wife and mother who also has a side gig called a full time job. So obviously, I needed something to do with all of my free time!

Hi. Nice to meet you, Joell is my name, sarcasm is my game 😉 Seriously, I’m SO addicted to Pinterest. In my imaginary Pinterest world, I am the Queen and I have perfect hair, a perfect house, I am perfectly organized, and perfectly thin and rich. LOL. So I was intrigued when a Facebook friend of mine posted this:  Not only did I think the challenge sounded interesting, I also discovered that I really like this woman’s blog and all of her 31 Days-themed posts!!! So, I went through my millions of pins and picked about 40 that I didn’t think I would cost me much extra money. Cleaning ideas, makeup tricks, and recipes dominated the list. Obviously, I had to buy groceries this week anyway, so I just picked up the items I would need for a few of the recipes. I already have makeup (probably a shocker to my coworkers, since I’ve gotten in the habit of not wearing it). And cleaning I already had most of the supplies for cleaning, although I did need to pick up some toothbrushes ($1 for a 5-pack at Dollar Tree) and some apple cider vinegar. I picked 40 projects just in case there are days so that if I am running short on time one day, I can pick a simpler project. Back-up projects, if you will.

So, today’s project is a recipe called Bubble Up Enchiladas. It’s already in the oven, and it smells great. Of course, in hindsight, I should have taken pictures while I was making it, but I had just gotten back from grocery shopping (straight after work), and was intent on just getting the thing in the oven 🙂 It’s just about ready, actually, so I will post a picture soon.

Update: So today’s project is definitely a success! I thought it tasted great, and my family loved it, too. Also (just a side note) I was being thrifty so I bought the Target brand enchilada sauce, Market Pantry. It had a great spiciness to it! Here is the recipe:  I made 2 changes: I used lean ground beef because it was already thawed, and I added finely chopped onion when browning the meat. Oh, and one of the suggestions on the recipe is to add black beans. I did that as well.

2 responses to “Day 1 – Bubble Up Enchiladas

  1. Mo says:

    glad it was a hit! Good idea on the separate blog too…if I’m feeling ambitious later, I might do the same. Either way, I *did* complete a few quick-and-easy ones myself, so I’ll at least update my pin board. Way to go, my friend; glad you found SOMEthing to keep you busy in all that down time you must have 😉

  2. Christina says:

    hey! glad my series inspired you! This recipe looks yummy! 🙂 will be popping in to check on your projects too! 🙂

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